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Looking for comprehensive storm cleanup in the Kalamazoo area? Look no further, we at Air Tree Service are your one-stop-shop for all things storm cleanup. The state of Michigan is no stranger to weathering some pretty extreme storms. Furthermore, we want to serve you as your premiere cleanup service following the wreckage. At best storm cleanup can leave your lawn looking a bit disheveled, at worst, you may be confronting a war zone complete with several compromised trees. Most importantly, you should always carefully assess the damage of your property when it is safe to do so. From there, that’s when you go ahead and give us a call. We will do the heavy lifting, to ensure that any and all trees causing issue are carefully removed and properly disposed of.

Storm damage can be significantly threatening to very foundation of your property and landscape. That’s why we work quickly to dismantle any potential threat to your safety. Afterall, most will always prefer having to pay for a comprehensive cleanup versus significant structural damage. When we come to your property, we will be able to remove any downed or damaged trees, in addition to clearing out any debris caused by weather damage. 

Because of the nature of this service, we understand the urgency that many people feel in getting a cleanup performed as soon as humanly possible. That is why we provide storm cleanup services seven days a week, with extended business hours to assist as many of our clients as possible. Our experienced team of arborists and tree care professionals have the equipment necessary to safely restore your lawn to its pre-storm homeostasis. 

We do advise for you to be careful when assessing the fallout of your lawn. We advise that you do not touch anything, and avoid doing any sort of preliminary cleanup for us. We appreciate your desire to help make our job easier, but it can be incredibly dangerous to try and dispose of trees and debris after they have been compromised in storm. If you suspect that a powerline may be affected as a result of the storm, we ask that you please contact your local energy supplier immediately.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that unresolved damage can later manifest as larger issues down the road. Overtime it will become more difficult to remove debris and downed trees. It’s also worth noting that if you predict you will eventually move from the property, unaddressed storm damage can later decrease curb appeal. Curb appeal serves as an unofficial metric to help gauge how aesthetically pleasing your house looks. Good curb appeal can directly translate into more opportunities to sell your property. 

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