Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding: A lesser-known service that we provide for our clients is stump grinding. Stump grinding often occurs after a tree has been removed, leaving any remnants behind in its wake. While stumps are usually benign, they definitely can be a nuisance when it comes to performing lawn care. They can otherwise detract from the beauty of the landscape and can be immense eyesores. While removing them is typically purely aesthetic, most of our clients will tell you it’s still entirely worthwhile. Nevertheless, stumps can still pose a safety threat to themselves due to invasion from pests, insects, bees, and termites. Overtime these pests can find refuge in other parts of your landscape, causing more problems. 

Our stump grinding services are designed to help prevent the following from occurring, and effectively and safely remove any excess leftover from the removal of a tree. A large part of efficiently carrying out a stump removal often centralizes around having the proper equipment. Because of this, we utilize the best equipment the industry has to offer, furthermore preparing us to tackle a stump of just about any size. We are willing and able to remove stumps, even if we were not the service you used to remove the tree. While the job itself can get quite a bit messy, you guarantee that you will never receive any major impact or damage to your landscape. We work to ensure that the space formerly housing the stump looks immaculate upon the completion of its removal. 

Like just about every service we perform, the process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the job at hand. We will come to your residence or place of business and gauge the severity of the issue. It’s important to note, that we are able to perform various tasks simultaneously, especially over several days’ time. Therefore, if you have other jobs you would like us to perform in addition to stump grinding, we encourage you to tell us at the time of your consultation. We will happily take on any additional jobs you may have for us. 

There are two certified methods used to successfully grind a stump. The first of which involves grinding it below the surface of the soil, essentially making it visibly disappear. The second method occurs by extracting it completely from the ground, completely removing both it, and the root system from the ground. Both services are effective, however, grinding can be a bit less disruptive to the surrounding area. 

Regardless of which course of action we take, you are guaranteed that the surrounding area will be effectively cleaned up and resurfaced, leaving it immaculate. Stump grinding usually takes only 30 minutes for small stumps, especially those that are older and more notably eroded. However, if there are multiple stumps, or stumps that are larger in size, time of extraction will obviously extend. When it comes to stump grinding, no job is too large or strenuous Air Tree Service is here to help restore your lawn to its glory, leaving it beautiful and revitalized, at an ideal price.

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